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Our Solutions

At AppSys Global, we offer a comprehensive range of Oracle based solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. We help our clients in their digital transformation journey through a consultative approach, leveraging industry best business practices. Explore our diverse array of Oracle solutions below

Oracle Fusion Applications

A suite of integrated business applications


Oracle ERP Cloud

Empower your business with Oracle's leading-edge ERP Cloud solutions. Seamlessly integrate financial management, procurement, and project planning for unparalleled efficiency and control.


Oracle SCM Cloud

Optimize your supply chain operations with Oracle SCM Cloud. Gain real-time visibility, enhance collaboration, and optimize supply chain processes for improved productivity and customer satisfaction.


Oracle HCM Cloud

Transform your HR processes with Oracle HCM Cloud. Manage your workforce effectively, streamline HR operations, and enhance employee engagement for a more productive and motivated team.


Oracle PPM Cloud

Achieve project success with Oracle PPM Cloud. Plan, track, and manage projects efficiently, ensuring timely delivery, cost control, and customer satisfaction.


Oracle Risk Management & Compliance

Mitigate risks and ensure compliance with Oracle's robust Risk Management solutions. Safeguard your business, protect your assets, and maintain regulatory compliance effortlessly.

Oracle E-Business Suite

Catalyst for gaining deep insights into business operations



Optimize your financial processes with Oracle E-Business Suite Financials. Gain insights into your financial data, automate accounting tasks, and ensure financial accuracy and compliance.



Efficiently manage projects from inception to completion with Oracle E-Business Suite Projects. Monitor project progress, allocate resources, and ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget



Streamline procurement processes and reduce costs with Oracle E-Business Suite Procurement. Enhance supplier collaboration, automate procurement workflows, and improve procurement efficiency


Order Management

Deliver exceptional customer experiences with Oracle E-Business Suite Order Management. Manage orders, inventory, and fulfillment processes seamlessly to exceed customer expectations..



Optimize your manufacturing operations with Oracle E- Business Suite Manufacturing. Improve production planning, control shop floor activities, and enhance product quality for increased customer satisfaction



Empower your workforce with Oracle E-Business Suite HCM. Manage employee information, payroll, benefits, and talent effectively to nurture a motivated and skilled workforce.


Oracle GRC

Ensure governance, risk management, and compliance with Oracle GRC solutions. Enhance decision-making, mitigate risks, and maintain regulatory compliance for sustainable business growth.